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City officials in Winter Garden are looking to get money to realign a portion of the West Orange Trail that runs along Plant Street. They
want to seek this grant in order to make a vital part of the trail safer.

The specific space they are looking to realign is between North Park Avenue and the city hall parking lot entrance. There have been several
complaints about that portion of the route, which requires bikers or runners to cross over busy downtown Plant Street.

The existing space that city staff is looking at has no current use, but it will become a useful park space under the plan, according to
Winter Garden City Manager Mike Bollhoefer. In total, 350 feet of the trail may be realigned and the surrounding area will be modified.

The initiative is still in the planning stages and still needs to receive city commission approval. The city is looking at a $200,000
grant from the state for phase 1, which would pay half of the initial costs.

Overall, the estimated cost of the project stands at $2 million.

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