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Winter Garden residents Stoneybrook West Golf Community recently got a bit of a surprise. The golf course at Stoneybrook West officially shut down in December, leaving many property owners unhappy.

The Home Owners Association says they did not even know the course was closing. Many are wondering what their future home values will look like now that they are losing the overall beauty and amenities associated with the course.

Several homeowners are now trying to buy the course from the owners. The company, Stoneybrook West Golf Club LLC, is associated with several other courses throughout Central Florida.

Maintenance is still being performed on the course despite the closure while things are being sorted out. The HOA is working quickly with their bid in hopes that things will not deteriorate like similar properties in Apopka, Clermont and Windermere.

There was an official HOA meeting held last Monday. The hope coming out of those proceedings is that something could be resolved within 120 days.

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