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The non-profit Shepherd’s Hope is getting a physical location in Winter Garden. They plan to open the $2.5 million, 10,000 square foot facility on Valentine’s Day.

Shepherd’s Hope first started seeing patients from West Orange County in 1997. They offer a variety of health services for people who are uninsured or lie below 200 percent of federal poverty level and previously ran their clinics at a host property.

The outgoing CEO and president of Shepherd’s Hope, Marni Stahlman, has been working on this project for five and a half years. The plans have evolved since then and currently, two-thirds of the building will be used for the clinic and administrative offices.

Each day, there are eight one-hour group training classes in the boot camp or fight camp categories. Boot camp focuses on resistance training and weight-lifting while the fight camp consists of a boxing class with an emphasis on cardio.

Hardcore Fitness’ workout programs are a bit different from other gyms because they still incorporate a personal workout style into their group setting. They focus on isolated muscle training.

In addition to boot camp and fight camp classes, Hardcore Fitness also offers a 60-day Fat Loss Challenge designed for those looking to make radical changes. The gym will operate seven days a week, with most classes being held in the morning and afternoon.

The last third of the building will be occupied by a teaching kitchen and food pantry. The original Shepherd’s Hope founder, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, will operate that space.

The city of Winter Garden has agreed to a 30-year lease with Shepherd’s Hope for $10 a year. The organization has met their fundraising goal and has no debt due to donations from several other charities and the community.


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