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One Winter Garden family is creating quite a stir in the neighborhood this holiday season. The Swathwood family has a show that hundreds from around the area will come to see, with 100,000 lights placed on their house, trees and lawn.

The lights are also all amazingly synchronized to music. As onlookers go by, the family gets the expected questions about how much their power bill is, how long it takes to build out the light show and what exactly compels them to put so much time and effort into the display.
The Swathwoods simply undertake the mission every December so that they can spread some holiday cheer. They have grown the tradition and originally started to cover their small house in Laredo, Texas with lights.
They have continued to live in bigger houses over the years and the spectacle has grown with them. When they moved to Weston, Florida, they decided to have their lights respond to music.
The songs originated at first out of a Mr. Christmas music box that featured music, six channels and ten songs. Now, they have 144 channels and 50 songs.
Robert Swathwood actually begins the programming of music and lights in July. The synchronization is down to one-tenth of a second.
Lights are first tested by the entire family in October and then they begin putting them up November 1. This year, they have added a set of archways that are lighted and featured figures.
The tradition is truly a family affair with Robert, his wife Alicia and their children Michael and Brittany Swathwood all participating. Michael’s girlfriend and Brittany’s young son have even joined in on the “Christmas Crew.”

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