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If you are looking for a way to infuse some Christmas spirit into your life, visiting the Garden Theatre for their rendition of “A Christmas Story” might just hit the spot. The play follows the storyline of the 1983 hit film that becomes a popular watch on television this time of year.

Seeing the iconic scenes acted out in front of you on stage will bring joy to anyone. The memory play follows Ralph Perkins reminiscing on his childhood in the 1940s.
The memories are not always happy ones though, as Perkins harkens back to even some traumatic, comedic events that happened during Christmas when he was a kid. Overall, managing a cast of adults and children can be challenging, but Garden director Patrick Braillard pulls it off well with this ensemble.
“A Christmas Story” runs 2:15 including intermission. There are shows at the Garden Theatre through September 23 and admission ranges in price from $30-$35.

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