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One of the most iconic landmarks in Winter Garden has been restored. The tire lady was a staple that anyone moving through the area saw during the 1070s and 1980s. The 18-foot fiberglass statue stood at Griffith Tire Co. located on West Colonial Drive. The shop is now known as Clark Tire & Automotive.

The mascot of the store had no official nickname. It was custom-made in 1966 as one of the original Uniroyal Gals made for Uniroyal Tire. A generation of kids had their imaginations ignited by colorful appearance. Others used the status as a point of reference for navigation.

In later years, the tire lady was repurposed, wearing only a blue bikini and moved down the street to sit outside Jay’s Marine. After that place was leveled to make way for development, the whereabouts of the sentimental favorite remained unknown.

Recently, however, the tire lady was restored and relocated to Dallas, Georgia. She now sports a Wonder Woman-themed outfit and is the mascot for Atlantis Plumbing.

Joel Baker helped bring the familiar Winter Garden icon back to life. He helps operate the Illinois-based company American Giants that restores old fiberglass statues.

After a tip came into the American Giants website, Baker tracked the tire lady to a local backyard. He bought the statue and had it shipped to Illinois for restoration. In the meantime, Baker also found the new owner in Georgia to give the tire lady a new home. While she no longer resides in her original community, she has found another place to stand tall.

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